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Dessicated Coconut

  Products Description

Dessicated Coconut is processed from 100% fresh matured coconut meat. It is 100 % shell and pared in house to maintain freshness.

It is available in different cuts. Such as: Regular Cuts ( Medium, Macaroon and extra Fine) Special cuts ( Flake ).

Ingredient : 100% fresh Coconut

Appearance : In different forms per order Taste : Natural Coconut taste and Aroma
Chemical Analysis
Moisture : 3.5% maximum depend on sizes
FFA (Lauric) : 0.15 as luaric maximum

Products Application

Coconut King" Dessicated Coconutcan be used for confectionary and others.
Packing Information

Packed in 25 lb, 50 lb and 100 lb

540,000 lb per 20 ft. container.
Typical shelf life : One year in cold, dry dark place