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Sweetened Coconut

  Products Description

Sweetened Coconut is tenderized and sweetened desiccated coconut.

color : White, free from yellow specks and other discoloration C
Flavor : Natural sweet coconut taste and Aroma

Chemical Analysis
Moisture : 10 % +/2
FFA (Lauric) : 0.15 as luaric maximum

Standard Plate Count
Yeast : 100/g
Mold : 100/g
E. Coli : negative in 25 g
Samonella : Negative in 25 g

Shelf Life: The sweetened tnederized coconut should be store in a cool dry place at a temperature of approximately 50/55 F and best used within 6 months of purchase

Packing Information

Packed in 10 and 25 lb carton with inner PE.